Cookbook cropped to 600w


Clarice Burr in her Idaho KitchenGrandma Burr was a traditional country cook.  Born at the beginning of the 20th Century, she moved from Missouri to Idaho at the age of three.  She learned to cook on a cast-iron wood stove, from garden ingredients, and pantry staples.  She was magic in the kitchen, and I had the privilege to learn to cook from her.

She owned a collection of cookbooks and recipes cut from magazines and food packages.  She loved reading those books, but like the true artist she was, she used recipes as a starting point.  Everything that came from her kitchen had her own special touch.  She knew how to combine ingredients on hand, and her table was always a bountiful pleasure — even if she was only serving rice with butter, sugar and milk for dinner.  Somehow, she always got it just right.

This cookbook is dedicated to her.  I have tried to capture the recipes that I grew up with, and that I still enjoy serving to my family.  Grandma, this is for you.

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